The Made In NYC website provides local branding, marketing, procurement, and other business development assistance to over 1,300 local manufacturers. The major redesign made enhancements to the sites capabilities and branding, helping Made In NYC capitalize on the growing interest in local products.

Both a B2B and B2C Experience

On the one hand the site is for consumers to shop directly from local manufacturers. At the same time it is for manufacturers to source local suppliers and contractors. While searching and finding companies is essentially the same for both, the way they think about it, the language they use, and the details they are interested in about the companies are different. Thus the site had to be carefully crafted to speak to both groups simultaneously.

Some of the features and improvements that were enhanced included:

  • Search and Sourcing Assistance as main features on the homepage
  • Search functionality and usability
  • Company profiles and registration process features and usability
  • Sourcing Assistance request form usability

You can check out Made In NYC at

Locally Made a la New York City

The  buy locally made movement has continued to take hold Nationwide. Part of the design effort included capturing the excitement of local manufacturing and local products made in New York City. The look and feel was upgraded to reflect this idea. The main signature image on the homepage now clearly represents NYC manufacturing. And the updated site look and feel is contemporary and clean. For the logo we simplified the typography, adjusted colors, and added a white border inspired by a merchandise “tag”.

Data for Policymakers and other Stakeholders

Made In NYC collects data on manufacturing trends and wanted to provide access to that data to local policymakers and stakeholders. A new feature was developed for charting that lets you look at manufacturing trends in NYC over a 10 plus year period by industry and by borough. You can check out Made In NYC charting at

Finding Local Products – Made in NYC Redesign
Finding Local Products – Made in NYC Redesign
Finding Local Products – Made in NYC Redesign