FreshDirect – a Groundbreaker Gets a Logo

FreshDirect was preparing to launch its online grocery service in New York City. It was a business idea often talked about, but no one had yet succeeded at. Part of the development effort included designing a brand identity that would befit the first successful online grocer.

The Nasdaq Identity

Positioning Nasdaq as a global leader among financial markets, the Nasdaq logo was developed to embody a newer, more advanced stock market.

Par Plumbing Branches Out with a Hand For All

Par needed to expand their brand identity to include the company’s four divisions – PAR Plumbing, PAR Mechanical, PAR Fire Protection and PAR Green Solutions. We set out to create individual but related identities for each of these entities.

Designs for AB InBev Global Innovation

The Global Innovation team at Anheuser-Busch InBev needed a design resource for internal projects. We were able help them by designing new beverage concept packaging as well as with presentation design for strategy meetings.

The PaymentWorks Identity

PaymentWorks streamlines the invoice and payment process for large to mid-size companies. During startup, they asked for help with their software, logo and marketing web site.

Branding Skyline Cloud Services

With a growing business, Uni-Data & Communications turns to Percepted to create the logo and brand identity for their Skyline cloud services division.