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Percepted is a strategic graphic design and web development company with a rich history of bringing client’s products and services to market. The company provides user experience, user interface and brand design to a broad range of clients. The company is known for its ability to internalize the business goal of the client and then effectively restate it in the universal language of design. A practice that enables clients to connect with their audiences and build gratifying, enduring relationships.

The company brings an established record of strategic design and development expertise to each engagement. Its history of work with such recognized clients as Anheuser Busch InBev, BMW North America, Citibank, Empire BlueCross BlueShield, FreshDirect, New Balance, Par Plumbing and TIAA -CREF, reflects the leadership and personal involvement of its partners, designers Chris and Matt Enock.

Significantly, the company portfolio contains work instrumental in bringing The Nasdaq Stock Market into the main stream of financial markets. The design and development of Nasdaq’s first web site, its corporate identity and the real-time data-visualization graphics for MarketSite located in Times Square brought Nasdaq into the public eye and into direct competition with the NYSE. 

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