PaymentWorks streamlines the invoice and payment process for large to mid-size companies. During startup, they asked for help with their software, logo and marketing web site.

Helping Define a Niche in the Payments Space

PaymentWorks makes it easy for companies to connect and securely exchange important financial information. Its reason for being is facilitating the payment process between payers and payees. In designing the logo for PaymentWorks the focus was to create a visual identity that would symbolize these ideas. The software’s “social-esque” ease of use, which is a major point of difference, was something that the tone and feel we created, had to align with.

Critical Product Features Come to Life
As the software was being built, it became clear that there was significant complexity and that a user experience design process was needed to arrive at an intuitive interface. For key features, functional mockups were developed to fully understand how to achieve ease of use while efficiently handling workflow needs, business rules, and backend processes.

Some of the key features we designed include:

  • Invoice uploading and processing
  • Searching for Invoices
  • Managing banking and payment addresses
  • Establishing connections with suppliers
  • Getting started tutorial

PaymentWorks ability to help manage critical financial relationships is a unique offering with broad appeal. In our design work the compelling ideas that drive PaymentWorks, guided and provided the inspiration in our design process. You can check them out at